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Discover the technique & style gifts of flat pedals. Everything you need to know, plus 12 targeted trail rides. Whether you're a new mountain biker or an experienced rider converting from clipless pedals, this course is for you.


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Progress from a flat pedal beginner, to confidently riding a variety of trail obstacles while staying connected. It's not magic, just practice. 

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Learning a new skill is both challenging and rewarding. And let's not forget fun... so much fun! It's like being a kid again.


Flat Out Questions

A flat pedal is a regular bicycle pedal, just like you probably used when you were a kid.  

Mountain bike specific flat pedals have metal pins to provide grip, and when used with specifically designed shoes, they provide all the grip you need to ride even the roughest terrain.  

The difference between flat pedals and clipless pedals (also known as SPDs), is with flat pedals your shoes stay connected to the pedals through the application of correct riding technique. Whereas with clipless pedals, your shoes are mechanically attached.

The benefit of flat pedals is they promote good technique and you can easily step off in an emergency. At RLC we firmly believe that flat pedals are the only pedal system you should use when learning new skills.

Flat pedals do take some getting used to, especially when riding rough terrain, and that's what this course is all about. 

There are no prerequisites or special skills required to learn to ride with flat pedals. Nor are there special fitness or strength requirements. You can start immediately.

In fact, the ability to ride flat pedals is a prerequisite for learning many other mountain bike skills, so this is the first course you should complete if you're unfamiliar with flat pedals or currently riding clipless pedals. 

You can use any well maintained mountain bike to learn to ride flats. You'll also need some flat pedals with metal pins, specific flat pedal shoes, and shin guards are essential to help prevent injuries from pedal strikes while learning.  

This might sound like a lot and some riders bork at spending the money, but rest assured it's money well spent. Using cheap plastic pedals and running shoes to save money is the surest way to fail this course. The course contains specific sections on choosing the right equipment, so sign up to learn more.  

Great question! The answer is it depends on the individual.

Some people adapt to flat pedals after just a couple of rides, whereas others may take more than 12 rides to feel comfortable.

Riders who are accustomed to clipless pedals generally take longer to adapt because they need to unlearn the pull-up motion that clipless pedals promote. And if you ride really rough, technical terrain, or like to get a lot of air, then you'll likely want to spend some extra time becoming accustomed to flats before launching into the abyss. 

To get the most from the course we recommend planning a series of relaxed rides where you can concentrate on your technique. Expect the first ride or two to be a bit frustrating. But trust us, it's so worth it! 

In the short term your ability to climb technical terrain and/or blast down trails at warp speed will feel compromised. But this is temporary and a necessary part of swapping to flats.

Perhaps surprisingly, Flat Pedal Challenge graduates often report improved climbing ability and that increased confidence results in a swath of new personal bests and KOMs. 

You sure can and here it is:

Each year we develop a new course and offer it for free as a gift to the MTB community. The Flat Pedal Challenge used to be free and now we offer a new course, which you can checkout on our FREE COURSE PAGE.

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