The Manual Master Class

Follow this 24 lesson online course to master the manual


The Manual Master Class Curriculum

Foreword by Jay Hoots

Part 1 – Basics

1. Manual Definition & Versatility
2. Front Wheel Suspension
3. Butt Buzz Drill
4. Leg Acceleration
5. Manual Front Wheel Lift
6. Conditioning

Part 2 – Confidence

7. Refocusing: Journaling
8. Float Zone Part 1
9. HiLo Range
10. Distance Version 1
11. Dips

Part 3 – Lengthening

12. Mesmerize & Visualize
13. Float Zone Part 2
14. Pump & Brake
15. Modulation
16. Multiple Pumps
17. Side balance #1 – Upper
18. Side Balance #2 – Lower
19. Letting Go
20. Distance Version 2

Part 4 – Advanced

21. Drop Off Introduction
22. Turning Point
23. The Trickster
24. Manual Embodiment

Manuals are often dreamt – seldom realized. Lets change that! 24 carefully designed and tested video lessons to ensure your acquisition of this most valuable skill.

Engage. Practice. Master.

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Lora Curtis

Learning through videos that you can go back and refer to is far superior in my eyes to taking a skills clinic that once over is left to memory. Ryan is an excellent teacher, not all that can do, can teach but he highly skilled in both areas!

Bjørn Østerhus

A wide variety of detailed exercises. Frequently updates. Quick response to answers. In summary: just about everything! And now we’re getting new tutorials on manuals and bunnyhops – brilliant! And I like the bikepart mixed with mental and physical training/thinking.

David Harrison

Ryan Leech’s lessons teach valuable skills in a clear, manageable, effective progression. Each course has a progression, but there is also a great progression from course to course. His teaching style is very supportive and positive.

Sample Lesson: Manual Front Wheel Lift - Progression 5 of 24


Frequently Asked Questions

We're ready to answer your questions and critique your practice videos! Below every lesson is a comment area – leave your questions or video link and we'll respond! There is also private facebook group with riders from around the globe that love to support each other, it's a wonderful and safe community for all levels.

Wheelies are performed seated while pedalling. Manuals are performed standing with no pedalling. Both area radically enjoyable to perform ;-)

We have a clean and intuitive video based system with comment interaction below each lesson. You can purchase the course as a strand alone experience, or become a member of RLC which gives you immediate access to the entire library of skills courses.


Manuals and Bunny hops require both technique & strength, and just like any training program they take time to develop - that's why I've designed this course progressively with graduation goals for each lesson. Physically you may experience sore muscles and joints that need to be honoured with rest – our physical therapist has written guidelines inside the course that will help you monitor this. There is also physical risk as further explained in the safety section. Mentally, you may face frustration which is why I address mental fitness skills such as visualization throughout the program.

Student practice videos

Videos submitted for coach critique - are you willing to invest the time to learn this valuable mountain biking skill like these students? If so we'd love to help!


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