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If you love riding bikes, you deserve to experience the joy that comes from riding a wheelie with confidence. This course is designed to take you there, one small strategic step at a time.


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Go from from zero wheelie ability, to stylishly cruising the neighbourhood on your back wheel. Forget those free online tutorials, this is the real thing. 

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Practice in your free time. Simply watch the video lesson, practice the skill, and progress when you're ready. Simple, convenient and highly effective. 

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Real People - Real Progression

Learning a new skill has its highs and lows, but those who persist experience the satisfaction of performing a skill few others possess.


Wheelie Good Questions

A wheelie is riding around with your front wheel in the air, while seated and pedalling. 

Wheelies are so much fun you'll do them for no other reason than the amazing feeling you get cruising on your back wheel.

However learning to wheelie ALSO really helps your pedal-punch and front wheel lift techniques, while hanging out in the rear-wheel-float-zone does amazing things for your overall balance abilities. On-trail applications include lifting your front wheel onto ledges, over logs, around tight switchbacks and of course showing off to your mates. 

Wheelies are one of those skills you learn not because they are essential, but because it's soooo much fun! 

There are no prerequisites or special skills required to learn to wheelie. Nor are there special fitness or strength requirements. You can start straight away. 

Learning to wheelie does give your arms and shoulders a great workout (not ideal if you're recovering from shoulder surgery!). We recommend partnering this course with a skill that's less shoulder intensive to give you a break and provide variety to your practice sessions. This is a good strategy to help avoid overuse injuries from excessive repetitions. Plus it's more fun and the change of focus helps boost progress. 


You can use any well maintained mountain bike to learn to wheelie. This bike needs some gears and a seatpost that can be dropped around an inch from regular riding height. 

We do insist that your bike is equipped with flat pedals and highly recommend grippy, flat-pedal shoes and shin guards (not just for wheelies, but all skills practice) as flat pedals promote correct technique and allow fast emergency dismounts.  

In addition to the mandatory helmet and gloves, some riders also choose to kit up with knee and elbow guards for extra confidence, and even armoured shorts. Not because doing wheelies is highly dangerous, but because we all stumble sometimes and probably need to go to work the following day.   

The million dollar question! Some people blast through courses and surprise us with how fast they progress. Most riders take longer than they expect.

Why? Because if doing a wheelie were easy everyone would be able to do it.

Yes, you could complete this course in 30-days, however most riders have limited time and other responsibilities, so just practice when they can. Some lessons are easily completed in one session, others might take several sessions to achieve the required standard.

A better question is: will I be successful? If you follow the lessons precisely, practice well, and reach out to our team when you have questions or frustrations, the answer is yes, learning to wheelie is totally achievable. The really important thing is to enjoy the journey.

Worrying about how long it is taking is the fastest way to frustration and failure. 

You sure can and here it is:

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