Ride - Learn - Connect

What started in 2015 as a series of online courses by mountain biking legend Ryan Leech - has since evolved and outgrown its original name - Ryan Leech Connection. 

Now with an international team of coaches who provide detailed feedback to learners daily, and a thriving, supportive community of fellow riders, RLC has taken on a whole new meaning:

Ride, Learn, Connect.  

Meet The Team

Ryan Leech

Head Coach & Founder of RLC


As a 25 year pro mountain biker specializing in trials, Ryan performed thousands of stunt shows around the world with clients such as Cirque du Soleil, Red Bull, IMBA, and Crankworx. Ryan has been coaching riders since age sixteen when he became a certified instructor. As an avid explorer of human potential, Ryan earned a highly regarded certification as an Integral Master Coach™ which has radically influenced his ability to design adult-oriented mountain bike skill curriculums. Ryan created the Trials-of-Life school presentation, sharing his passion for healthy living at hundreds of schools. As a certified yoga instructor, he designed the Ride & Reach program, blending yoga & mountain biking with a retreat-style learning vibe. Ryan’s dedication and love of mountain biking is stronger than ever, and with his world-renowned and versatile riding abilities and reputation in the industry, it makes him one of the strongest ambassadors for the sport.

Carl Roe

User Experience & Mentor

Carl first tried mountain biking in 2007 and immediately abandoned the peloton. For 7 years he attacked the trails with roadie zeal, Lycra clad, spinning circles and clipped in tight. In 2014 he discovered skills training and was reborn. He’s now rocking flat pedals and no longer thinks a manual is an instruction booklet (#lovesbackwheel). His favorite riding companion is his wife, who shares his enthusiasm for both trail and trials riding and enjoys hours of post-ride technique analysis. 

Rob Walcer

Member Services & Mentor 

Rob is an avid mountain biker and enjoys personal exploration and growth through cycling. Within his local community he is deeply involved with local trail advocacy, development and maintenance, digging at the local bike skills park and is the President of the Provincial Cycling Association. He is a husband and father, and has been an active member of Ryan Leech Connection since its inception in 2013.

Cosmic Llamas

Digital Marketing 

Cosmic Llamas is a performance based digital marketing agency specializing in direct response, brand focused marketing. 

As the Llamas in Peru help travellers carry luggage on long distance trips, Cosmic Llamas help carry the marketing load of entrepreneurs on their long distance journey - scaling to the moon 🚀

Kai Ashbee

Community Liaison & Mentor

United Kingdom
Kai is a fanatical rider that when not in the saddle is dreaming about the trails. Living within the South Downs National Park in the UK, she spends her time riding natural trails and features. When looking for an extra adrenaline rush, she hits a bike park to smash out runs and enjoys the bonus of an uplift. Kai takes frequent trips to Wales where she can enjoy the big mountains and solitude and has had some big adventures, meeting amazing people along the way. She deeply enjoys the mountain biking journey and continues to grow in both physical and mental strength. ‘Riding to live the Dream’.

Get to know Kai better by reading her Quickfire Questions interview here

Tom Hutton

Team Liaison & Skills Coach

United Kingdom
Tom is a self-confessed bike geek, map geek and lover of wild places who has been mountain biking for over 30 years, exploring pretty much every rideable trail in the United Kingdom. He contributes to a number of UK mountain bike and adventure magazines and is the author of several guidebooks. He runs a small company offering mountain bike skills coaching and guiding. He's also involved in a number of trail advocacy projects.

Get to know Tom better by reading his Quickfire Questions interview here



Rafaella 'Roxy' Wieschollek

Special Projects & Skills Coach


Roxy has been a Full-Time Guide and Coach since 2009. She's originally from Northern Cyprus and runs the Mountain Bike School and Bike Rental Station, Roxybike in Mallorca, Spain. She is an International Instructor Trainer for the BICP and a Level 3 Certified Instructor (BICP + IMBA Germany = DIMB) and a licenced Mountain Bike Guide (WRSV). Roxy loves to inspire others to lead a happier life, to become safer, more confident riders and to empower others to reach their ultimate goals. She is also a graduate Mental Trainer, a Certified Hypnotist, and Fear and Phobia Coach.

Get to know Roxy better with her Quickfire Questions interview here 

Roxybike YouTube Channel

Peter Glassford

Skills Coach


Peter is a highly-respected Certified Cycling Coach who has been instructing MTB skills since 2000. His coaching clients are mostly busy, masters-aged athletes with families. Most of his riding is XC and he is still racing XCO, but increasingly more time between races is being spent on his Trek enduro bike. Peter holds the Canadian Leadville 100 record and has placed consistently in the top 10 nationally in XCO, XCM and CX for 10+ years. He has also dabbled in road, enduro, downhill and dirt jumping and is a regular at Joyride150 indoor bike park in Marham, Ontario. As a Registered Kinesiologist he loves all types of movement. Peter co-hosts The Consummate Athlete Podcast with his wife Molly Hurford. In 2017 he is even giving Ironman a go!

Consummate Athlete Podcast


Elaine Bothe

Skills Coach


Elaine discovered mountain biking late in life by racing but found her true passion was helping others ride safer, faster and with more confidence. She’s a certified professional mountain bike skills coach and is an instructor trainer for the BICP. Find her at The Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park, grinning, or having fun on a trail near Portland, Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Get to know Elaine better with her answers to our Quickfire Questions here

And our coaches, mentors and contributors:

  •  Charles Lopez - Mentor

  •  Gareth Hanson - Skills coach

  •  Gianluca Spini - Mentor

  •  Graham Gedge - Mentor

  •  Griff Wigley - Skills coach

  •  Ira Weiny - Mentor

  •  Jeff Mah - Yoga instructor

  •  Jeff Neitlich - Skills coach

  •  Josh Shulman - Mentor

  •  Kate Nolan - Skills coach

  •  Kim Liss - Mentor

  •  Lindsey Colla - Skills coach

  •  Matt Barlow - Sports Psychologist & Skills Coach

  •  Matthew Pirretti - Mentor

  •  Michelle Roe - Mentor

  •  Molly Hurford - Skills coach

  •  Olly Atrawtillfour - Mentor

  •  Pat Mitzel - Mentor

  •  Rob Lawlor - Mentor

  •  Roger Joys - Mentor

  •  Russ Risdon - Skills coach

  •  Scott Givens - Skills coach

  •  Skye Nacel - Skills coach

  •  Tany Allen - Mentor

  •  Tim Norris - Mentor

  •  Virginia Solomon - Mentor

  •  Wacek Kipsak - Artistic contributor & mentor

 Meet Our Sponsors

Ryan has developed long term partnerships during his time as a pro mountain biker, and those relationships have continued with this awesome online learning community.










Over 1000 lessons & over 50,000 students...

...and counting! 

Sophisticated and beautifully designed online courses for all your MTB skill development dreams...


Build a Solid Foundation With Courses Like...

  • Bulletproof Basics - A revolutionary course - essential for every rider, not just beginners.
  • 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge - Master powerful skill development secrets that only flat pedals can unlock.
  • Trailhead Tip Traps - A series of myth busting videos that untangle the most common (and ugly) MTB tips.
  • Baseline Balance Skills - Become a slow speed tech & balance ninja - an RLC member favorite.


Become A Master of the Trail with Courses Like...

  • Cornering Continuum - Build confidence, speed and flow on every corner type.
  • Rock Solid Drops - Drop like a pro with a deep and robust curriculum that serves all skill levels.
  • Tight Switchbacks & Front Wheel Pivots - Beginner through advanced maneuvers for tight & tricky switchbacks (Including stoppies!)
  • Jump with Confidence - Learn to fly. Progress from beginner to intermediate and add glow to your airtime flow.
  • Logs & Ledges - Learn various maneuvers for dancing over common trail obstacles.

Master Inspiring Bike Skills with Courses Like...

  • Manual Masterclass - Progress from small manuals to long (300ft +) ones. Practical for the trail - and endlessly entertaining.
  • 30 Day Wheelie Challenge - Everyone deserves the joy that comes from knowing how to pop a wheelie! 
  • The Bunny Hop Masterclass - No jump no problem - create airtime yourself on demand. This course has every progression you need.
  • Fun & Easy Bike Tricks: Simple tips to learn these playful moves with little or no practice.

And Tune Up Your Mind & Body with Courses Like...

  • Mental Fitness - Train your mind with visualization, meditation and other sport psychology techniques.
  • Physical Fitness - Enjoy a wide variety of yoga, pilates and cross-training sessions.
  • The Short Rider Mini-Class - A course designed to address the needs of shorter (Under 5'3") riders learning a variety of MTB skills.