The Definitive MTB Pumping Course

Presented By Ryan Gilchrist - Crankworx Gold Medalist & Yeti Factory Enduro Athlete

Master the art of pumping - on track & trail - and unlock greater flow and faster cornering.


In this groundbreaking course you'll learn...

✅ How to boost downslopes & erase upslopes

✅ Why most self-taught riders default to a limiting & sub-optimal technique 

✅ Timing & body positioning for beginner through advanced & how they differ

✅ Why you're likely using excessive effort

✅ How to build muscle memory - Drills baby drills! 

✅ Where & how to harness pump opportunities on the trail - they're EVERYWHERE to the trained eye

✅ How to rail bermed corners

✅ How to use the pump track as your MTB gym

✅ Pump track etiquette

✅ And much more… 


You'll Also Learn The Main Reasons People Struggle With Pumping:

Most riders think they're pumping correctly, but their timing is off, and in many cases backwards! Momentum is lost & excessive effort is used - without them realizing. Don't let this be you - skilled & dynamic pumping will transform your trail riding experience.

In this course, you’re going to master the Pump Cycle Sequence to help preserve your energy, boost your speed, and increase your stability.

The production of this course is a true collaboration:

  • Presented by Ryan Gilchrist - a Yeti Factory Enduro Athlete and Crankworx Gold Medalist - you’re going to learn the exact system he uses when competing on the world stage.
  • Directed & Edited by Carl Roe - RLC's secret weapon & long time collaborator. A true MTB nerd.
  • Produced by Ryan Leech - RLC Head Coach, founder, & 25 year pro.

Take A Peek Inside This Course

Below is an excerpt from one of 23 lessons:


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The Foundation Courses: 

  • Baseline Balance Skills
    • Become a balance ninja for tech trail prowess
  • Bulletproof Basics
    • Acquire all the essential building blocks for a lifetime of confident and creative mountain biking fun. It's an epic 160 lesson journey every rider needs to do.
  • 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge
    • Learn essential (but often overlooked) skills that improve safety and unlock new possibilities
  • Trailhead Tip Traps
    • Avoid common but incomplete coaching cues 


The Trail Courses:

  • Rock Solid Drops
    • The most comprehensive & revolutionary drop course... ever
  • The Cornering Continuum
    • The knowledge for a lifetime of cornering improvement.
  • Tight Switchbacks & Front Wheel Fun
    • Learn Nose-Pivots & Stoppies for Performance & Style
  • Jump with Confidence
    • Turn jumping fear into airborne fun


The Passion Project Courses: 

  • The Top 10 MTB Skills Mistakes
    • Avoid these mistakes to speed up your skill development. 
  • Bunny Hop Masterclass
    • Step-by-step drills to demystify this must-have skill
  • 30-Day Wheelie Challenge
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  • Manual Master Class
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  • Fun & Easy Bike Tricks
    • Silly tricks to entertain & build bike/body connection
  • Ryan Leech's Video Anthology
    • Travel back & enjoy Ryan Leech's Pro-Career Video Segment History


Plus An Assortment Of Other Courses Like: 

  • Tune Up !
    • UP-date your skills for ledges, climbs and focus
  • The Short Rider Series
    • Skill & bike modifications for those 5’5” and below 
  • Cyclocross Mounts & Dismounts
    • Dismount and remount without skipping a beat - MTB'ers welcome!
  • Uncategorized Skills
    • A treasure trove of useful skills
  • Skill Drill Challenges
    • Fun goals to help boost your bike-handling skills
  • Logs
    • Every log is rideable with this drivetrain oriented skillset
  • Technical Climbing
    • Conquer tech climbs with trials-inspired techniques

How Is RLC Different From YouTube, Facebook Groups or Other Forums?

It's challenging to find trusted, consistent and progressive MTB skill instruction on free platforms such as Youtube or Social Media. It's often noisy, busy, and distracting - and can lead to confusion, inaction, ....and more scrolling. 

So let's roll instead of scroll! Our students achieve consistent results by following our courses that provide just enough theory, along with specific goals and drills every step of the way. If you have a question after your practice - ask our team for personalized feedback to keep your learning momentum going.

We've critiqued over 50,000 student submissions in the last 7 years. We know what works, and how to help you improve. Our community culture has become infamous for being dedicated, thoughtful, and supportive no matter what skill level you're at. 

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  • Trusted
    • Head Coach Ryan Leech has over 30 years of experience as a world-class pro & coach
  • Supportive
    • Our Coach and Mentor team have responded to over 50,000 rider questions since 2015, with original, personalized feedback and instruction to ensure members achieve their goals.
  • Holistic
    • Trail-Bike-Body-Mind-Flow: Our philosophy honors everything that can influence your potential. In fact, we have an entire section devoted to the MTB’er Mindset.
  • Safe
    • Our sophisticated methodologies are caringly designed with your safety in mind. Our sport can be dangerous, so with our step-by-step progressions, you’ll reduce risk for attainable, incremental, yet inspired results. We’re also a safe haven from social media algorithms and bad vibes. No infotainment or quick-fix hacks - we’re the real deal.
  • Influential
    • We’re changing the industry - both in coaching & the sport as a whole. We’ve transcended the send culture, and promote a fun & balanced relationship with the sport so that it can be enjoyed for your entire lifetime.

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As an RLC member you get access to 24 online courses, unlimited virtual coach feedback, live workshops and a positive rider-to-rider community.

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When you join RLC, you’ll get access to:

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