2017 Year Reflection & 2018 Outlook


In this 3 minute long video I share a few RLC reflections from 2017 and some plans for 2018. Here are the highlights:

  • RLC has grown gradually and steadily again, the site is over four years alive! Since the 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge launched a year ago over 10,000 riders have registered - and many upgraded to a full membership.
  • There are no shortcuts for adult skill acquisition - RLC continues to create the safest possible skill development progressions that rely on your regular practice. This helps set up a foundation for lifelong enjoyment of the sport rather than forcing and rushing new techniques. 
  • 2017 saw the launch of The Cornering Continuum and Jump with Confidence - with guest pros and coaches: Kat Sweet, Thomas Vanderham, Jay Hoots and Shaums March. Dozens of drills and lessons were published exclusively for members along with 50 curated weekly updates.
  • 2018 will see an early launch of the Tight Switchbacks and Stoppies course and by late Spring a highly requested fundamentals course that will be revealing for all levels. I'm still deciding on what other courses to produce, and I'll be seeking your feedback.
  • With the RLC content library growing so much, I'll be designing trajectories that members can follow - think of these as a guided tour through all the courses. Each trajectory will be designed for a certain skill level and riding style.  
  • The Ryan Leech Connection team grew! Carl has been running the ambassador and coach team, Rob has been busy with customer service and weekly updates, Griff has helped with content feedback and development, Wacek has illustrated more brilliant images, Elaine, Russ & Peter have taken on many side projects and the coach and ambassador team has grown to over 20 members. 
  • On a personal note, 2017 was the first year since I was a teenager where I haven't relied on performing trials shows as my primary source of income. This is a big deal for me - and I'm thrilled that RLC has matured over the last four years into a avenue to share my experiences as a pro, and curate content based on my other qualifications as a Yoga Teacher and Integral Master Coach™. 
  • Based on these values, I have relied on the motto: Trail - Bike - Body - Mind - Flow to help keep me focused and mindful of the big picture of skills development while producing content.
  • Lastly, 2018 holds some excited top secret projects that I can't tell you about quite yet ;-)

Ride on my friends, and Happy New Year!


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