Shr'Edit' Breakdown - Chris Akrigg on the Rocks


To most, the latest edit from the legendary Chris Akrigg may appear like pure tech riding magic. My Shr'edit' breakdown narration serves to demystify this highly entertaining and inspiring edit.

His moves masterfully and creatively executed combinations of core techniques that most mountain bikers can learn. Taking them to Akrigg's level is a rare feat, and with thanks to the fact that my career path as a pro trials rider and mountain biker are very similar to Chris, it allows me to provide context to the visual beauty of 'Chris Akrigg on the Rocks'.

For members of RLC, below are quick links to tutorials where I teach some of the fundamentals ingredient techniques describes in the video above. If you're not a member, and keen to ramp up your technique, our community of riders and coaches from around the world is always welcoming!

Ratchet Hop:

Bunny bump:

Rotating Manual Skill-Drill Challenge:

Rotating Nose Pivots:

Nose Pivot Side Drops:

Nollie Side Drops:

3/4 Pedal Stroke Drops:


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