Announcing the Ryan Leech Connection App

Ryan Leech Connection (RLC) - Online Mountain Bike Skills Coaching -  has just launched a new app, giving users access to all of the site’s videos, lesson, and coaching right at their fingertips wherever they are. The new app (available on iPhone and Android) will expand the customer experience by offering quicker access to course materials and easy reference to trailside lessons; all with a clean and intuitive interface.


RLC is an online mountain bike skill coaching membership program created by professional rider Ryan Leech that offers step-by-step video tutorials and interactive, personalized support from both the coaches and the community. RLC member, Kai Ashbee, describes it as “more of a community than just an online tuition site. It's full of like-minded people from all over the world that all love riding bikes, learning new skills and having fun along the way." Ryan has been coaching mountain biking since he was sixteen and is also a yoga instructor and Integral Master Coach™. Over the last two decades, he has performed thousands of stunt shows around the world including a performance with Cirque du Soleil and multiple appearances at Crankworx Whistler. He has segments in numerous riding films, including The Collective and the Kranked series and his film, Manifesto, is credited with redefining the sport of trials riding worldwide.

“As a long-time pro with a slowly aging and certainly abused body, the questions of how can I better my riding performance and experience [kept] coming up.” As Ryan began to focus more on coaching, he was inspired to create RLC in response to this question. “One of the answers I believe in is practice. I don’t consider myself a pro rider, I consider myself a pro practicer. So, for all the skill development sessions and progressions that I offer up on the site, it’s really about working those skills and practicing them over and over. When you’re out on a trail ride, you can just go for a ride and you’re going to improve, but when you stop and practice a certain section of trail a number of times, that’s when the big leaps can happen.” The learning environment offered by RLC is simple and straightforward. You watch the step-by-step video tutorials, complete the drill or theory exercise, ask for help and feedback when you need it, and move on to the next lesson when you are ready. Now, all of this material is available to you wherever and whenever you need it on the RLC app. “I’m not interested in riding the biggest, baddest lines, what I strive for is beautiful style and technique and that’s embedded into all the teaching on the site.” And now on the app too.

The content available through RLC is a unique blend of what Ryan has discovered and learned throughout his career and includes a variety of skill sets for riders to work on; cornering, jumping, manuals, and more. Available to members are lessons for the trail; the skills we need to improve our riding experience, the bike-body connection; yoga and therapeutic movement routines to establish the correct movement patterns, the mind; built into each and every course are mental fitness practises to boost your performance, and flow; a state which you can discover by intentionally engaging in practice drills and theory. “Learning through videos that you can go back and refer to is far superior in my eyes to taking a skills clinic that once over is left to memory,” says RLC member, Lora Curtis. “Ryan is an excellent teacher, not all that can do can teach but he is highly skilled in both areas!”

The new RLC App is available on iTunes and Google Play now and comes with secure video downloads for offline viewing, simple and intuitive navigation through the hundreds of available videos, ability to favorite lesson and access to a quick ‘watch list,’ single click to the RLC member-only facebook group, a written version of each video lesson for easy review and reference, Chromecast and Airplay connectivity for easy viewing on your TV, push notifications, and a clean layout with no ads – just like the website!

“This app is a must-have for any mountain biker,” says RLC member Jeffrey Neitlich. “Ryan Leech has put together a fantastic series of courses on everything from the wheelie to jumping, along with yoga, fitness, and mental preparation. The app is easy to use on the go, and the videos are professional and thoughtful. Best app on my iPhone and iPad!”

For those who are new to RLC, the app contains complimentary content to explore without a membership. After downloading the app, you can click on the ‘Let’s Ride’ tab and check out lessons on tricks, the Flat Pedal Challenge, Tip Traps, and yoga flows specific for mountain bikers. The site and app also offer a seven-day free trial with access to all the content available and 30-day money back guarantee.  

“The initial feedback on the app has been excellent,” says Ryan. “Our clients are stoked to be able to easily show RLC to their friends instead of just talking about it! I’m hugely grateful to the app development and test team for making such an awesome app.”

The app is available for iPhone and Android

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