Beautiful idiot

Here's Ryan's pick & write-up from our monthly, member-only, Videos Around the Web digest.  It resonates with Ryan as an ex pro rider: 

"I generally only watch longer videos if there is a reason beyond just pure entertainment - this one was philosophical, and I could relate because of my own history as a pro. It leaves me wanting more though, not the riding footage, which was magical, but the philosophy, especially because the words were not written by the subject of the film. I"d love to hear directly from Brett. Does this video leave you with any lingering questions about the mindset of a pro - or how about whether a pros mindset is actually quite similar to that of a recreational rider?

For example, one of the messages was that after achieving his goals he could do something different or increase the challenge - and it seems as though he chose to increase the challenge - but why? I think a sequel is in order!

Late in my career I kept riding as a pro - one reason was that I needed to pay my bills, and it's all I knew how to do. So instead of my riding being internally inspired it became motivated by external. These are big tricky questions, with likely messy answers that of course wouldn't fit with the clean and elegant story this edit offered.

All in all, I love the direction of this video, the riding and production quality is stunning, and I'm inspired that our maturing MTB culture is gaining some more substance and depth."

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