Christmas Yoga Playlist & Presence

I brought the simple teaching of presents vs presence in to my yoga class last night. Everyone can give presence, but rather than going to the store to buy it, you have to cultivate it through practice. Yoga is one way.

You can also receive presence from another, but it requires you to leave the busy inner ‘me’ space and enter an open ‘we’ space-sounds simple, but again, takes practice.

If the person you are with is ‘not very present’, or perhaps has been taken over by the holiday crazies, your well developed presence is naturally contagious, they will feel it, and so rather than two ‘me’s’, you will help to create one ‘we’. And what a gift that would be!

Talking about gifts, the playlist below was given to me by my wife Caryn to use at class last night, a great vibe for my last yoga class of the year.

View the playlist on Spotify

With love,


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