Crouch or stand tall? Compare two approaches to these two jumps

I'm Griff Wigley, one of several online coaches for Ryan Leech Connection, and like many of my RLC colleagues, I'm taking some of the courses while coaching in others. Currently, I'm doing both in the Jump With Confidence course.

I've progressed to where I'm a solid beginner on small tabletops. When members pose questions or post videos of their practice sessions for the initial stages of the course, I've not only got the lesson material fresh in my brain. I've got my own recent struggles and practice session experiences to draw on when I respond to them.

Here's a recent example from the course, about 1/3 of the way through. The student was having trouble getting much lift jumping a small gap with a rather steep launch ramp. He submitted a video, with his questions focused on his body position as his rear wheel left the lip of the ramp.

Looking at his approach, however, it seemed to me that part of his difficulty began much earlier. So I took a screengrab of the student's stance (top image) as he approached the ramp and another screengrab of instructor Shaums March's stance (bottom image) in the video lesson as he approaches the ramp of a smaller jump. I drew arrows on the combo image, pointing to their knees.

I asked the student, "What's your thinking about Shaums' stance on his approach to the ramp vs yours?"

I'm curious about what y'all think, so please comment. I'll chime in with my reactions.

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