Crux Reunion - 10 years on...

 Last year I did a trip from Barcelona to Innsbruck with my friend Thomas. It was a 10-year reunion for the trials film 'CRUX' that we released on DVD, just before YouTube came on strong. It was popular in mtb circles and cutting-edge riding at the time.

I had mixed feelings about doing this trip - I was VERY busy running RLC and I also had low desire to take risks to do cool things in front of a camera for others' entertainment (and inspiration), which had, of course, been the basis of my 20 year pro career.

But as you can see from the film, it was a beautiful journey, with loads of fun riding spots, and Thomas is an incredible rider to behold. I learnt a lot about myself as a rider on this 'pro' gig and it really confirmed my purpose and passion for running RLC. This is definitely the right place for me to be investing my time and energy. Hope you enjoy!


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