How Egos Get in the Way of Learning


Is your ego getting in the way of learning amazing bike tricks? Coach Roxy explores how your ego might be subconsciously sabotaging your progression. 

I would like to share a personal story with you. I have a YouTube channel, which is called Roxy's Ride & Inspire, where I share short MTB skills tutorials and inspirational clips and link this to personal growth.

A few weeks ago, I received a message from a guy called Josh, who had been watching my channel for quite some time. His riding is AMAZING. And I’m going to be honest with you, Josh has MAD skills and is undoubtedly a better rider than me (I'm an accomplished rider who coaches all levels of riders, from beginner to Olympic XC pros, both online for RLC and in-person). 

So what really AMAZED me about his attitude is that he was OPEN enough to watch my videos and to LEARN from them, rather than letting his pride and ego get in the way by labelling me as an inferior rider.

When I asked him what he specifically took from my videos he said riding in a slower, more controlled way and using explosive movements rather than speed.

And that is exactly what you get as an RLC member. You'll enjoy step-by-step progressions and receive hands-on advice on how to refine your riding. You'll rebuild your foundational skills and go far beyond your current skill level and maybe even further than what you ever thought possible.

So if you're feeling that you are too good to get online coaching, or too advanced to practice baseline skills, if this is making you feel proud and the idea of going slow to progress is challenging you, then consider the following:

  • Sometimes we need to pursue discomfort to achieve personal growth.
  • Just like when we are building up muscle in the gym, sometimes we need to go against resistance to achieve something.
  • If we are feeling inner resistance, then this is a CLEAR indication of what to do next.

Roxy is an International Instructor Trainer and a licenced Mountain Bike Guide. She operates Roxybike, a MTB coaching, guiding and rental service in Mallorca, Spain. Roxy is a graduate Mental Trainer, a Certified Hypnotist, a Fear and Phobia Coach, and also runs the YouTube channel, Roxy's Ride and Inspire. See her profile on the RLC About page for more.


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