Labor of Love - Riding a dream - A Personal Update

Retreat: My annual two-week screen-free holiday is over and new riding adventures await, more on that below… My online business is a labor of love - I pour huge amounts of computer time in to operate it. If you’re logging loads of screen time have you considered an extended break from all things electronic?

Ideas: For me, ideas flow differently when I’m free from the constant information stream of the internet. I used paper to capture my thoughts and dreams instead of with apps like trello, keep and slack. Stress busting bike rides trigger different thought patterns too, but disconnecting completely for a couple weeks is totally refreshing!

Vanlife: Turns out that it's in the best interest of my customers and sponsors to create video content on a variety of terrain types and trail networks ;-) ...So why not live and work on the road for extended periods of time? I have a new truck and a camper unit being built for it. Truly a mountain bikers dream lifestyle! If we meet out on the trail, pinch me!

Team: Thanks to the Ryan Leech Connection team for running my coaching site while I have been away.Thanks to my sponsors Shimano, Norco, lululemon,  Marzocchi and Ryders for the support in my evolving ways of contributing to the sport and culture of mountain biking.

Ride ON!

Ryan relaxing on a beach not far from Vancouver BC ;-)

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