Meet Gareth, Kai and Olly - our new Ambassadors

We’re super-psyched to announce three new ambassadors this month. RLC has hundreds of comments and questions that flow in through our courses each month, and every one is caringly responded to by Ryan and the RLC coach and ambassador team. Gareth, Kai, and Olly have all progressed with thanks to RLC in the past and are ready to mentor!

Gareth Hanson's love of the outdoors has manifested itself over the years (in no particular order) with rock climbing, snowboarding, kitesurfing & of course mountain biking. Gareth started his love affair with the sport around 2005 and has since savoured trails right across the UK and Europe. His attitude to bike ownership is very much N+1 and feels no bike stable is complete without at least: a hardtail, long travel full susser and now (controversially?) an e-bike. Over the past 2 years, Gareth has qualified to level 3 mountain bike coach and leader, and runs his own coaching and guiding business in the UK.

Welcome Gareth!

Olly Atrawtillfour is a Physiotherapist so loves learning new movements and training in a smart and sustainable way. A perfect fit for RLC! He discovered bikes in his 30s and over a decade later he’s still obsessed with riding for both endurance and learning. Olly lives in Berlin, Germany, (which is nearly completely flat) so hones his skills on the street and can often be seen wheeling on his commute to work. He says that the RLC courses help keep his skills sharp for weekends or holidays, when he cuts loose and does what he most loves, blasting down gnarly trails as fast as possible and hitting jumps for some sweet airtime.

Welcome Olly!

 Kai Ashbee, on the other hand, hails from the South Coast of England. Welcome Kai!

She describes herself as a fanatical rider that when not actually in the saddle is usually dreaming about the trails. She lives within the South Downs National Park in the UK, so spends her time riding natural trails and features. Though she also enjoys the odd bike park trip, where she can smash out runs while enjoying the bonus of an uplift.

Kai takes frequent trips to Wales where she can enjoy the big mountains and solitude, and she's had some great adventures and met some amazing people. She's loving the journey mountain biking is taking her on and continues to grow in both physical and mental strength.

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