Practice strategy: spontaneous wheelie visualization while walking the dog and pushing a grocery cart


[Author: Griff Wigley, RLC Coach]

During Ryan Leech's recent Facebook Live broadcast, New Year Visions (video excerpt below), he gave a little tutorial about 3 types of practice areas:

  • Mental
  • Driveway/home
  • Trail

Within the mental category, he detailed 3 types:

  • Conscious reflection on practicing the skill/technique,
  • Spontaneous visualization
  • Subconscious practice

I started working on the RLC 30-Day Wheelie Challenge course a couple of weeks ago with a very different approach than when I first attempted the course 3 years ago. I'm using an in-depth practice regimen that includes rigorous video review during and after each session, as well as extensive journaling and pre-session planning.

And I just experienced spontaneous visualization in two different settings, featured in the above 30-second video.

  1. Walking the dog
    While out walking our dog on a snowy paved trail near our house recently, it occurred to me that come spring, I'd be doing some of my wheelie practice sessions there. I imagined my self cruising along on one wheel, smiling at my neighbors rolling their eyes at me in their backyards. And then it occurred to me to do a little body rehearsal of some elements of the wheelie that I'm currently working on: keeping my torso engaged (hips hinged, shoulders back), head up, and feeling the tug of my hands on the bars. Every time I walk the dog now, I take the opportunity for a little body rehearsal.
  2. Pushing a grocery cart
    While grocery shopping with my wife a few days later, I was mindlessly pushing and pulling the handle of the grocery cart as we walked the aisles. It suddenly occurred to me that the cart handle was like the bars on my bike. So why not work on another element of my wheelie practice: keep my torso engaged and head up as the push on the grocery cart handle becomes a pull on the handle. Props to my dear wife for taking the video while shoppers and store workers kept giving us funny looks. So the next time my wife asks me to go grocery shopping with her, I'll frame it as wheelie practice time that earns me some husband points simultaneously.

I know you're laughing at me but if you have a spontaneous visualization story, tell me about it in the comments section below!

 Excerpt: Ryan Leech's recent Facebook Live broadcast, New Year Visions:

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Griff Wigley, well-known as the Mountain Bike Geezer, is an avid year-round mountain biker, and dedicated practicer who learns alongside those he teaches. He has worked through most of the content on RLC and is always excited to guide members based on his experiences and success. Griff is the founder of the Dyrt Nation Facebook group, creator and host of the MTB Practice Lab podcast, and is a certified instructor, both IMBA ICP Level 2 and PMBI Level 1. Links:

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