Ramping Isometrics Training Program

I’m thrilled to introduce a MTB specific, time-efficient, and enjoyable strength training regime that targets weaknesses in every rider's body. Designed by one of the most passionate strength trainers in the MTB field, James Wilson.

Isometrics have you get into a position and apply force into an immovable object (in this case, a martial arts belt) which results in a lot of muscle tension, but no movement.  Ramping Isometrics have you "ramp up" the amount of tension/effort you are applying into the immovable object every 30 seconds, building up to momentary failure by exhausting the muscles ability to create more tension.

I can attest to the efficacy of the program having been testing it for the past couple of months. My glutes are firing strong and in sync with my quads which has helped alleviate knee pain. And my neck strength and posture is better, and my shoulder is feeling stable and strong thanks to a variety of tension holding positions that it doesn’t usually experience. As you can tell, I’m a fan - and perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the focus and breathing practice that is required to hold these isometric positions for 90 seconds at a time, great mental game practice for all aspects of life.

In James’s own words:

"I'm really excited to be able to share this new workout program with everyone. Ramping Isometrics are a great training method that will help you improve your strength and cardio in just a couple of 20-minute workouts each week, plus they don't leave you sore and beat up. They have changed how I look at getting stronger to help my trail riding and I know that they'll help you improve your MTB specific fitness too."

-- Ryan

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