Ryan's Personal Motto: Practice - Patience - Persistence

Practice - Patience - Persistence. What do these individual words mean to you? What does the combination of these words elicit for you?

As I’m sure you’ve experienced, PATIENCE is mandatory when PRACTICING technical mountain bike skills. And without PERSISTENCE over the long haul, those individual practice sessions won’t get you very far.

Living up to this combo of words was the bedrock of my professional riding career, and the same is necessary for you to make progress within my courses, watching the tutorials won't magically endow you with skills.

The up-front effort required from you to make even small gains in your abilities is large, that’s why most riders never master many of the more challenging and enjoyable techniques available to mountain bikers.

So please continue adding a healthy dose of Practice, Patience and Persistence to your riding, and keep our coach and ambassador team posted with your progress!

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