Transcending 'Ryan Leech Connection' ...but Including it...

Over the past seven years I’m delighted (and blown away!) to have seen my membership community grow from a few hundred to a few thousand members, and from what was a solo venture to a team effort. 

With the addition of many, world-class coaches on my team, the company has now transcended the name ‘Ryan Leech Connection’. 

This said, to honor the company roots, it’s still included and embedded in our new official name: 


In fact, RLC now stands beautifully for:

  • Ride
  • Learn
  • Connect

As the head coach and owner, I’m inspired to continue creating cutting edge MTB coaching resources and I’m gratefully supported by a wonderful team of staff, coaches and mentors. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to pull off producing Bulletproof Basics or Rock Solid Drops over the last couple years - these are two of the most powerful courses in the RLC library.

You’ll notice the website domain name has changed. It changed from to

What an incredible journey it has been - I'm proud of what RLC has created and what it has become - and this is with big thanks to ALL the contributing energy from students, coaches and staff. 

With gratitude,


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