Trying too hard?

This is a modified excerpt from The 30 Day Wheelie Challenge:

There is a common phenomena in technical sports where big gains are made AFTER giving up. This has been my personal experience too, though I find it’s not a matter of trying too hard, or needing to wait until you get to the point of giving up, it’s a matter of knowing when to take some time off!

I remember trying to balance down a wobbly chain on my bike for a video, tried about 200 times without success. Then came back a week or so later, and cleaned it within just a few attempts.

While there are fun days with no instruction built in to the Wheelie Challenge program with this exact phenomena in mind, you may need, as a strategic move, to take a step back for multiple days with zero practice. I’d recommend this for those who are overly frustrated, or those who are feeling some repetitive strain discomfort developing from their dedicated practice.

Everyone has a different idea of what ‘trying too hard’ means and what ‘overly frustrated’ means. We also have different pain thresholds too. With these variables in mind, please just be honest with yourself whether taking some time off is necessary, or whether you might actually just need to engage yourself more fully!

Think back to Day 1′s inner preparation process: review your ‘Wheelie Words’ and also consider what you antcipated you’d feel like 14 days in to the program (that is if you’re at that point already).

This program is a ‘Challenge’, and I’m 100% with you! Keep me posted with feedback and questions!

Ride & Wheelie ON!!



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