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I'm always adding content to the site, whether it be a full-size course that covers a key skill, or a themed course that tackles a specific aspect of mountain biking. This mini-course's theme is: UP! I created it with two goals in mind:

  1. To focus on the 'UP' part of your skillset: ledges, climbs, and even energy levels. In mountain biking there is so much attention on going DOWN, and I didn’t want the UP to get left behind!
  2. Practice Inspiration: Each lesson is unique (rather than a step-by-step course) and offers insight and general drill ideas, along with links to other RLC lessons that relate so you can continue to practice at whatever level you're at!

I hope you enjoy this free sample lesson. Checkout the video above and the notes below...

Sample Lesson (#2 of 5) - Magic Acceleration

Magic acceleration is an essential skill that's easy to learn and highly effective. So much so that it works like magic, well almost....

Lesson Notes 

You weigh more than your bike, so get yourself up first, THEN bring your bike! 

This requires a lot of bike/body movement and timing, so it’s best to first experience this dynamic movement on a smooth uphill slope. 

  1. First remind yourself of your bike extension range by doing a butt buzz drill.
  2. Then find a gentle slope. Get a little speed going and then stand tall while bringing your hips forward, your upper body can even be over and forward of the bars. 
  3. When you run out of forward momentum, create some additional distance by extending your bike forward. This magically, though only momentarily, accelerates the bike forward. 

Cool eh!

For extensions on slopes, you may need to use your drivetrain or even brakes to prevent rolling backwards, especially while bringing your body position forwards. 

Like most techniques, this happens in a range from big bike extensions to just small ones. Understanding the fact that your body needs to get up first is key, it’s amazing what you can drag your rear tire up and over using this unique bike/body manipulation. 

To get access to this course and all my other courses too, explore membership and signup for a free 7-day trial. 

-- Ryan

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