[Video Lesson] Manual Masterclass: Front wheel lift integration.


Manuals are on every mtn biker’s wishlist. Probably why the Manual Masterclass is one of our most popular courses. So we’ve recently slotted in this awesome little exercise, which integrates all the components of the initial lift. It’s a great drill, and one that will hopefully get you experiencing that crisp, smooth feeling described. Give it a go!  

Focus: Reviewing all the components of a manual front wheel lift
Action: Isolate and experience each of the key movements that trigger a manual front wheel lift.
Curiosity: How can each of these be blended so you're not relying too much on just one - for example relying too much on pulling the bars.
Graduate: Once you've experienced the blending and crisp timing of the stomp, the leg extension, the hips shifting rearwards and the hands pulling on the bars.

There are three components to a crisp manual front wheel lift

  1. Stomp compression to leg extension
  2. Stomp compression to hips back
  3. Handlebar Pull

These need to be blended and timed to create that crisp feeling I'm talking about.

If you don't FULLY TRUST your rear brake yet, then no matter what your WON'T be able to experience this effortless manual front wheel lift because your body will be conflicted - mind saying to do this lesson and instincts trying override these instructions.


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