Vertriders - Ambassador Gianluca Spini's video selection for February 2018

Each month the RLC Team of Coaches & Ambassadors selects the best MTB videos from YouTube. Each selection comes with a thoughtful write-up about why the video fits with the RLC motto of Trail-Bike-Body-Mind-Flow. A new collection is published monthly exclusively for members of Ryan Leech Connection, but we wanted to share a sample of what it's all about here.

So grab a cuppa, and enjoy some amazing scenery and stunning landscapes from the February selection, courtesy of Ambassador, Gianluca Spini.

"These places are my mountains: the Alps. And the protagonists are from Innsbruck (Austria) and belong to a group called Vertrider. It is a different way of understanding the Mtb, which they call Alpine Freeride, where the key is a combination of technical challenge, mountain experience, the accurate estimation of risk, and of one's own abilities. The challenge is to be able to descend from the top of a mountain as far as possible, without setting foot on the ground on paths not made for bikes. Moving on hiking and mountaineering trails, they adhere to a strict code such as Respect for the Mountain, Respect for the Trail (stick to the lines and not change them), And of course, Respect for the Hikers and other people.

I selected this video because these are the places where I live and I very much relate to it. It’s quite an old video (2014) and there are more recent ones, but for me, this one really captures the spirit".

Best watched with the subtitles turned on.

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